Hey tony, how is Kareem doing?

You don’t talk about him much any more. Does that mean his blog isn’t taking off?

Au contraire mon (probable) Celtics fan friend.

Kareem has slowly worked his way up the charts and as for April he is one of our Top 10 blogs at the Times.

he’s consistantly in the top 5 of our blogs in regards to comments, and recently you might have seen him mentioned and linked on Gawker, TMZ, NBA.com, and USA Today

recently he interviewed Carole King on his blog, and called the latest Dr. Suess movie racist.

oh and you might have seen him on the latest iPhone commercial:

yesterday was Kareem’s 61st birthday. if you wanna wish him a happy bday, its not too late.

and thanks for asking, im always happy to talk about all of our bloggers!