hi five years ago karisa

hi tony

what brings you here to the busblog?

just wondering wtf youre doing?

what for ever do you mean?

um, no archives, just todays posts, sorta crappy attitude, etc etc

aint no etc younger karisa

so whats going on, midlife crisis?

first off im 101 so if you think im gonna last till 202 then god bless you, no wonder youre one of my best friends.

im one of your best friends because, in part, this amazing blog of yours

get out

no really, so why are you effing with it? the busblog is one of the more perfect things on earth. happy earth day fyi

ive always effed with it, so to speak. btw do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

pot kettle, black…

racist, anyways ive always experimented with blogging and this blog and consider this an experiment. no archives. posts just for that day then they disappear.

will they ever reappear?

do you believe in magic, five years ago karisa?

of course tony pierce

then maybe they will. but dont hold yr breath.

are you excited about coachella, tony?

every day excites me karisa, especially with you around. thats why we should enjoy each day and never look back.

you realize youre saying that to a five year ago me

the symbolism is damn near malkovichian