its april fools day

a day i really hate since my life is built on trust

but today is also Just a Girl’s birthday, a girl i heart.

last summer she flew to canada to meet me. its ok that she doesnt know that i live in america. apparently in holland they think that all of north america is america which is fine cuz we think that all of europe is england.

in real life JaG is taller and prettier and hotter than in any of her pictures. her boyfriend is also jealouser. especially in regards to hanging out with tony pierce for a week. in canada. in the summertime.

dont ask me why.

fine ask me why.

probably because in real life tony + jag = something really special and if i was a bf id be ascared too and maybe i would have txt messaged her a gazillion times day and night asking “did he steal yr heart yet?” “are you still mine, still?” “has he hypnotized you with that busblog mojo yet?”

she picked me up at the airport in vancouver. we took a cab to my hotel. by the time we got there the chemistry was already flowing and i found it all particularly interesting because at my age i didnt think that such things were still possible. but alas…

best thing about her? her profession. probably the best thing a smart person with courage could do for money. something we all should be doing if we werent at the xbi. and for that it proves how good a soul she is. and for that i heart her even more.

JaG probably picked up on the magnetism and good vibes between us, which clearly werent a fluke from when we first met a year before in amsterdam, because she hid out with her lesbian friends for most of the week and left me to hang out with foxxy, the hells angels, half of vancouver, lowercase carmen, and maxim girl keira-anne.

and fireworks.

and sushi.

and beer with the kids.

and etc.

so it was cool.

in another time in another place im pretty sure that JaG and i would probably be married, if you can believe it. shes pretty much the perfect girl. she likes all the right things, shes sweet, shes curious about most things, shes open minded, and she has the cutest accent.

i hope today she has a great birthday in her favorite spots in town. so why not go over to our little dutch girls blog and tell her happy birthday in european.