one of the nice things about LAist was all the friends i made

friday we celebrated the birthday of sarah a. who just turned 24. shes half persian half mexican and all hottie. in a very weird coincidence every single one of her friends is hotter than the next and they all arrived at the edison right next door to my work friday to drink and look cute.

sarahs mom and dad and cousin also showed up and everyone was so funny and cool. we drank and drank and ate. later we made it to the 4100 club near my house and drank there too. i was majorly hung over on saturday. but one thing that happened on friday was something id never experienced before.

there i was first with sarah (pictured in black), her friend mary (pictured above with the thigh high stockings), and her friend lindsay.

we all shared a bottle of bubbly and waited for her parents to arrive. first her mom showed up and then one hot babe after another. for a while it was me and 8 smokin hot chicks. i wasnt real sure what to do. is there anything to do? just drink and talk dummy. in fact in a situation like that you might just wanna keep your mouth shut and drink. smile some.

eventually sarahs dad showed up and a few of my bros from work, but basically the ratio of super cool babes who were also somehow rich and law students or something bizarre was a gazillion to one. but then my bros wanted to bail. i was all, gentlemen, where are you gonna go where the ladies are radder than this? still they hemmed and hawed and bailed on me. only guy who stayed was my buddy andy, the news editor of LAist, and clearly no fool.

we ate tacos together.

the next day sarahs friend dalia moved to jordan. but first all the girls threw a goodbye party for her.

bye dalia.