nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    hi five years ago karisa 

    hi tony

    what brings you here to the busblog?

    just wondering wtf youre doing?

    what for ever do you mean?

    um, no archives, just todays posts, sorta crappy attitude, etc etc

    aint no etc younger karisa

    so whats going on, midlife crisis?

    first off im 101 so if you think im gonna last till 202 then god bless you, no wonder youre one of my best friends.

    im one of your best friends because, in part, this amazing blog of yours

    get out

    no really, so why are you effing with it? the busblog is one of the more perfect things on earth. happy earth day fyi

    ive always effed with it, so to speak. btw do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    pot kettle, black…

    racist, anyways ive always experimented with blogging and this blog and consider this an experiment. no archives. posts just for that day then they disappear.

    will they ever reappear?

    do you believe in magic, five years ago karisa?

    of course tony pierce

    then maybe they will. but dont hold yr breath.

    are you excited about coachella, tony?

    every day excites me karisa, especially with you around. thats why we should enjoy each day and never look back.

    you realize youre saying that to a five year ago me

    the symbolism is damn near malkovichian

  2. today is earth day 

    aka give it up for nature day aka shit we’re doing it wrong day

    when i was a kid all we ever had to worry about was give a hoot dont pollute. seriously littering was the roughest thing we had to deal with.

    there werent any recycling bins. there werent nutritional labels on everything on earth. kids didnt have to wear bicycle helmets to ride their dumb bikes. no one was allergic to peanuts. you just walked around, did your thing, and threw your shit in the trash.

    now it looks like something inbetween then and now f’ed the earth – hardcore.

    there are three types of people in regard to all of this. the people who give a crap, the people who seriously dont give a crap, and the people who give a crap but dont really do anything about it.

    personally i think we’re all doomed. the earth is a living thing and i think its gonna kill us before we kill it. and since its way bigger than us i have a feeling that it knows exactly how to kill us and is quite content with doing just that.

    and i believe we deserve it.

    when it comes to the earth we’re just bigtime users. we stick our things into it and pump away and suck everything out. we blow up and chip away at mountains. we create mines. and then we shit all over it and spew crap into the air.

    meanwhile we outlaw perfectly good plants. we kill as many animals as we can. we even spray crap all over our crops to ace all the bugs.

    if you were the earth wouldnt you earthquake and warm up and hurricane our asses too?

    maybe because i believe in heaven i dont worry too much about the future. i dont worry too much about my kids or grandkids or my neice and nephew not being able to climb trees or play war in the tree forest like i was able to as a lad. mostly cuz i think you get to do that in heaven if you want.

    maybe because i believe in karma i dont worry too much about strangers never being able to wade in perfectly warm waters of aruba or maui or san felipe. and maybe becuase im a spoiled brat i dont worry too much about the class of 2050 being able to listen to the waves crash outside their dorm room at night at ucsb.

    but it would be nice for the kids to have very little cares like i did.

    cuz it was nice.

    too bad the earth is going to implode on itself any minute so as to protect itself.

    photo of canada and suzie via suzie

  3. Monday, April 21, 2008

    rhino records is re-releasing four amazing replacements records today 

    stink and hootenany are two of my faves.

    from stink comes one of my favorite songs of all times, fuck school, and even though its most definately a punk song, its also one of the most simplest pop songs ive ever heard.

    i know a lot of people who didnt grow up with the replacements might hear a song like this and be all meh or whatevers or WHY ARENT YOU GIVING ME SOMETHING LIKE “UNSATISFIED” but those people probably never went to school before.

    this is a song for people who have been to school.

    and who love punk rock and pop mushed together with a very tiny guitar solo oreo center.

    hootenanny, let it be, sorry ma forgot to take out the trash, and stink are now all available in yr grocers freezer in sweet ass deluxe editions so expect every critic or wannabe critic to drool all over themselves as they tell you how omg amazing let it be is/was as if you didnt know that already a gazillion years ago.

    h/t metafilter who had a decent thread going till a bunch of jackholes hijacked the thing wanting to talk about some far inferior bands

  4. today is tomdogs birthday 

    hes one of the nicest fellows you’ll ever meet.

    he also bikes, blogs, and computer programs better than anyone you’ll meet.

    he also knows way too much about music and then blogs about it. mostly on LAist where he is the TV Editor (aka the TV Junkie).

    he also invented the “tomdog bug“.

    its when you lay on the ground and pretend your dead and take a pic.

    god bless tomdog.

    and happy birthday bro!

  5. the baby gorilla is back! 

    our favorite howard stern sidekick, big fat drunk artie lange was back on the show this morning and all was well in the world again.

    heres the wrap up by the Stern Fan Network:

    Artie was came to work clean shaven. Howard said he honestly didn’t think artie would be back. Artie takes full responsibility and apologizes to Howard, Teddie, Sirius, & the fans.

    Artie explains that even though he has some money issues with Teddy, he is not stealing from him. He’s an honest good kid. he said please don’t quit your job.

    Howard apologizes for pulling the replay and explains he was worried about Artie. He didn’t know if he was suicidal and was concerned that it might either send Artie into a rage or into deep depression. Artie says, thank you and admits he was on the edge.

    Artie said for the first time he realized he really is part of a family. He received many calls from every level of the show & Sirius with genuine concern. Robin was surprised it took him this long to see this.

    Artie OK’s replaying the audio & the Howard TV footage. The Howard TV website says the footage will be on tonight at midnight and the 4-10-08 show will air on Sirius this weekend.

    Howard & Robins said how they don’t believe there will be any more chances. Artie confirmed this. Artie had a series of meetings with Sirius higher ups. Both Howard & Robin said they spoke to the higherups as well and they weren’t happy.

    Artie thanks Howard for letting be a part of the show. Howard said his fans are such a bunch of fuckheads. This was directed at all of the complaining about pulling the replay & accusations that it was all a bit.

    Artie said he made an appointment with the shrink. Artie is going to find a professional assistant & Teddy can carry on as the road guy. They will continue to work together, it will just be different.

    From most anticipated to most anticlimactic first segment. Within the first hour they were already playing clips, talking about the Pope, Robin’s dress, & Riley’s contract, and had a guest in right after the first break. Fans seem disappointed expecting more details of what all happened but back up, did I mention Artie is back on the show? it’s a good day.

    If you were disappointed that they didn’t go into it more, a woman called in and gave Howard a hard time for wrapping up the Artie discussion so quickly. it got them back on it.

    Gary says he’s mad at Artie for not seeing how good his life is with the show, the gigs, and his family. Fred says Artie really needs to seek some help. Artie says he’s absolutely right and admitted that he’s been running away from therapy his whole life.

    Teddy said that for the good of the show he wants to leave. Howard & Artie told him no way. He didn’t do anything wrong and should stay.

    artie sounded alert, rested, and had good tales to tell about his trip to Amsterdam. lets hope this changes his life for the better.

  6. as you might know, my girlfriend scarlett johansson 

    is fixin to come out with a whole mess of tom waits cover songs. the first cut will be the title track of “anywhere i lay my head” and whaddya know, its been leaked to the interwebs!

    when tom waits heard about the project late last year he was soon interviewed by Pitchfork.

    Pitchfork: I’m sure you know Scarlett Johannson is recording an album of your songs?

    Tom Waits: Well no, I read about it in the paper.

    Pitchfork: No one consulted you beforehand?

    Tom Waits: No, no. But, you know, more power to her.

    Pitchfork: Are you excited to hear it?

    Tom Waits: I don’t know if I’m excited to hear it, but I’m curious. People make songs so that somebody else will hear them and want to do them. I guess it’s an indication that the songs aren’t so ultra-personal that they can’t possibly be interpreted by anyone else. I’ve seen her in movies. I don’t know what she’s going to do with the tunes. When you get a hold of somebody else’s song, you make it your own. That’s all you can do. And that usually requires a certain amount of tailoring. Cut the sleeves off, lay some buttons. Everybody does something different to a song, that’s the tradition.

    even though what follows isnt the official video, its a good start and you also get to hear what it all sounds like.

    now i dont know about you, but one of the best parts of singing a tom waits song is to get the chance to mimic that crazy homeless drunken sailor style. little miss underpants seems to wanna take all the fun out of it.

    lets hope she really goes for it on the rest of the record.

  7. Sunday, April 20, 2008

    in the eighties when harry caray was doing the cubs games all was well until one spring he got sick 

    he rested up in palm springs and while he was out celebs came in to fill in for him. the best of course being mr bill murray who in this clip insulted the expos, canada, the canadian national anthem, and even the batting practice pitcher

    Murray also mentions Pittsfield Mass – home of our very own Tomdog whose birthday it is today. hi Tomdog! happy birthday bro!

    this clip is from April 17, 1987, nearly 21 years ago today exactly. and still as fresh.

    and (further) proof that anyone was better than steve stone.

  8. andy warhol on the critics “theyre right” 

    almost every sunday i listen to the velvet underground single “sunday morning“. if i had an alarm clock that would wake me up on sunday with a song, that would be the one. but of course i havent had an alarm clock wake me up for years, because God loves me. and of course no one needs an alarm clock to wake you up on sundays.

    which is why the sunday morning mp3 alarm clock would be so rad.

    maybe it should be shaped like a soup can.

    anyways i have always loved warhol, maybe because he shares my libran ideals of beauty art music and fashion. and also the contrast of hyperproduction to stave off the constant belief that we’re being lazy fuckers. mixed with the belief that all conventions should be rallied against and reinvented.

    i think warhol would have adored blogging. the idea of it more than actually doing it. but i think his blog(s) would have been amazing.

    i also think if he was 20something right now he would have seduced raymi to move to newyork so he could make her more of a superstar than she already is.

    raymi was on fire this week, fyi. mary kate olsen day was tremendous fyi, and fil’s photos of raymi last week were amazing as well (some nsfw)

  9. happy 420 Day 

    heres some videos to celebrate this fascinating day

    alison stewart, then of ABC News trying to pretend she didnt know what 420 was

    price is right contestant repeatedly bidding $420

    last year’s 420 celebration at 4:20pm at uc santa cruz (the most beautiful campus ever)

    barack obama talking about US drug policy, hints that its racist and too hard on non violent crimes – 9/29/07

  10. Saturday, April 19, 2008

    the week ahead in rock for tony 

    monday and tuesday kanye west rihanna n.e.r.d. and lupe fiasco are playing at the nokia live right next door to staples center. im pretty sure im going to one of those shows cuz kanye is the man and rihannas my girlfriend

    wednesday janes addiction is reuniting for the first time with the original members since 1991. not only am i pretty sure im going to that but i might even get to interview perry and maybe a few of the others as well.

    thursday filter is having a suprise party in the desert. free booze, food, lakeside views, hijinks etc.

    friday coachella day one starring the breeders, sharon jones and the dap kings, les savy fav, spank rock, redd kross, black kids, cut copy, datarock and others

    saturday coachella day two starring dwight yoakam, m.i.a., hot chip, kate nash, malkmus and the jicks, flogging molly, st. vincent, and a little purple dude named Prince

    sunday coachella finale starring perry farrell, kid sister, the cool kids, holy fuck, autolux, gogol bordello, and roger waters doing darkside.

    monday theres a band plaing in IV

    tuesday theres no music on the schedule. lets try to keep it that way.

    wednesday Duffy is playing at the fox lot and i hear shes a blonde amy winehouse.

    so yes maybe i should just sleep as much as i can today, sunday, and prepare for the onslaught of the senses.