rhino records is re-releasing four amazing replacements records today

stink and hootenany are two of my faves.

from stink comes one of my favorite songs of all times, fuck school, and even though its most definately a punk song, its also one of the most simplest pop songs ive ever heard.

i know a lot of people who didnt grow up with the replacements might hear a song like this and be all meh or whatevers or WHY ARENT YOU GIVING ME SOMETHING LIKE “UNSATISFIED” but those people probably never went to school before.

this is a song for people who have been to school.

and who love punk rock and pop mushed together with a very tiny guitar solo oreo center.

hootenanny, let it be, sorry ma forgot to take out the trash, and stink are now all available in yr grocers freezer in sweet ass deluxe editions so expect every critic or wannabe critic to drool all over themselves as they tell you how omg amazing let it be is/was as if you didnt know that already a gazillion years ago.

h/t metafilter who had a decent thread going till a bunch of jackholes hijacked the thing wanting to talk about some far inferior bands