this ones dedicated to danielle k berkley who loves links

– The Dirty tells LAT blog Web Scout how it got hold of the pics of Matt Leinart having a hot tub beer bong party with underaged ASU coeds

– Google’s fixin to buy not just Skype but Expedia? Google can’t just make their own Expedia?

– Danielle is channeling Eddie Murphy circa his SNL days

– Hall & Oates fixin to play the Troubadour for the low low price of $200 a ticket

– Today is Good People Day? When can we celebrate Bitchy Blogger Day?

– Now this i can get behind: “The Incredible Power of Contentment”

– Frisco fixin to name a sewage plant after the current president of the usa

– the Pants returned the other day. tell her to keep up the good work.

– cherry blossoms in brooklyn already? does this mean six less weeks of winter?

– Leah takes such beautiful photographs. Truly.

– hey when did Moxie get a black pussy?

– and finally, the missing apostrophe has been added to the Ernie Banks statue at Wrigley Field