today is earth day

aka give it up for nature day aka shit we’re doing it wrong day

when i was a kid all we ever had to worry about was give a hoot dont pollute. seriously littering was the roughest thing we had to deal with.

there werent any recycling bins. there werent nutritional labels on everything on earth. kids didnt have to wear bicycle helmets to ride their dumb bikes. no one was allergic to peanuts. you just walked around, did your thing, and threw your shit in the trash.

now it looks like something inbetween then and now f’ed the earth – hardcore.

there are three types of people in regard to all of this. the people who give a crap, the people who seriously dont give a crap, and the people who give a crap but dont really do anything about it.

personally i think we’re all doomed. the earth is a living thing and i think its gonna kill us before we kill it. and since its way bigger than us i have a feeling that it knows exactly how to kill us and is quite content with doing just that.

and i believe we deserve it.

when it comes to the earth we’re just bigtime users. we stick our things into it and pump away and suck everything out. we blow up and chip away at mountains. we create mines. and then we shit all over it and spew crap into the air.

meanwhile we outlaw perfectly good plants. we kill as many animals as we can. we even spray crap all over our crops to ace all the bugs.

if you were the earth wouldnt you earthquake and warm up and hurricane our asses too?

maybe because i believe in heaven i dont worry too much about the future. i dont worry too much about my kids or grandkids or my neice and nephew not being able to climb trees or play war in the tree forest like i was able to as a lad. mostly cuz i think you get to do that in heaven if you want.

maybe because i believe in karma i dont worry too much about strangers never being able to wade in perfectly warm waters of aruba or maui or san felipe. and maybe becuase im a spoiled brat i dont worry too much about the class of 2050 being able to listen to the waves crash outside their dorm room at night at ucsb.

but it would be nice for the kids to have very little cares like i did.

cuz it was nice.

too bad the earth is going to implode on itself any minute so as to protect itself.

photo of canada and suzie via suzie