today we’re launching two new blogs at the LAT

the first blog is one that i didn’t think would take off so quickly, but there was a lot of energy and love behind it. and its being written by some pretty excellent people.

when i first came to the Times and i was talking about what i liked and didnt like on the LAT blog roll, someone joked about an animal blog. i laughed but then i was all, wait whats so funny? they said oh its just something that the people at the Metro desk wanna put together but, you know, it’ll never happen.

apparently the good folks on Metro would come across wild, crazy, or just somewhat intriguing stories about pets and animals that they’d email each other, but they knew the paper had no room for.

after a few meetings with several editors, with my boss, with metro and their editors, we all decided to see if Unleashed could happen. as they “blogged in the dark” it turned out that there was story after story that could fit into the blog, and it turned out that it didn’t take all that much time to write the post, find a pic, have it edited and posted.

so today we officially launch L.A. Unleashed, a blog that all you animal lovers, like you Mr. Zell, will love, im sure.

the other new blog i will announce in a few