what is barack doing with his finger(s)?

yesterday in north carolina barack obama was summarizing the latest debate when he appeared to scratch an itch in a very unusual way

– in a way that looked like he was flipping his opponent the bird.

was this a seinfeld moment? was he doing it coyishly?
is that even a word?

was this a johnny cash moment?

in disguise?

or was bro just trying to be more presidential?

my bro andy malcolm from top of the ticket asked some of these questions and instead of just answering him like normal people most of them flew off the handle (defensively, if you ask me), questioning andy’s journalistic chops for having the omg nerve to ask such a question of their candidate.

but some said – yes he flipped her off and it was awesome and i love him more because he flipped her off.

me, i dont know one person who itches their face with their middle finger.

and i know lots of people.

either way i think it was awesome.

update: this issue has seemed to have spread around the blogosphere

uk update: it appears as our friends across the pond have a finger-gate of their own