woke up yesterday in such a bad mood

and i dont know about you but i really believe that you can shake off bad moods and create goodness. call me crazy. but i was so sad and mad and confused and pissed off and everything was wrong and my house was a mess and the mirror did not reflect that man who i wanted to be.

then a funny thing happened. i was at a red light and i looked to my right and there was this kid who i work with. i didnt know his name but id see him from time to time. so i rolled down the window and said yo do you work over in blah blah blah and he was all yeah. turned out we were in the elevator together the other day and didnt say anything to each other and there we were riding down sunset talking about the Beauty Bar and the girls who go there and drinking downtown and before we know it we were right next to the Times building

and there were the Donnas walking down the sidewalk.

i honked and yelled THE DONNAS!

and they stopped and looked at my like i was the most disgusting human alive ever.

and fuck if i cared that was the !@#$# DONNAS! i was so excited.

so me and bro park in the garage, make it to the door that we think the donnas showed up at. not sure if they were even on that sidewalk to go into the times but i kept thinking, why would 3 of the donnas be walking down spring street at 11am? if they were going to City Hall they woulda parked there. aint nothing around us worth walking to at that hour except us.

so i asked the security guard when we got there “hey was there an all girl rock band here just a few minutes ago?” and he said yep.

and we went upstairs and friends, LA and the LA Times and my life and your life can all be turned around justlikethat

and it only got better as the day went on.

this is how crazy it got.

my favorite meal (tofu steak, steamed baby carrots, steamed broccoli) was in the cafeteria, drudge linked a few of posts, digg gave us some love, and the cubs won.

i even think a pretty girl sent me an email that said hi im coming to LA and im bringing my collection of plaid skirts cuz i cant just choose one.

or was that a dream?

like the rest of all of this? this being life. this being your life with me starring as the luckiest of all. this being my life with you being the reason we’re here.

this being kristin pony, above, from halloween. and this being a shoutout to her as she studies for the bar exam. best of luck baby.