as you know i love the life and work of mr charles bukowski

suzie reynolds, tony pierce, and karisa j. at kampai in westchester

mostly because he kept it real and never sold out. also because he wasnt the most attractive man and he seemed to be able to pull the ladies no matter how fat and obnoxious he was nor how hideous he appeared. nor how poor he was.

and he did most of it through poetry.

in many ways i have found myself attracted to the underdog. probably because i see myself as that. im also gen x. im also black. im also a cub fan. therefore keeping it real is a constant thread.

with that said, i gotta say, i sorta love this pic of me in a dress shirt in a sushi joint on the wesssside with suzie and karisa.


photo via suzie who has a pretty sweet photo essay about her adventure to LA on her blawwwg