dear canadians who will rock out with matt good tonight

i do wish i was there.

im not exactly sure why i get along so well with the kids up yonder but it was lust at first site. i feel extremely comfortable in canada. doesnt matter if im in vancity or to or any part in between.

whats weird about it is i couldnt live in a more different place than la, hollywood to be precise, where i also feel very comfortable, but it is all so peaceful and easy up there.

im very jealous that so many of you will get to return to massey hall and drink around the corner and party after the show and karaoke and eat and make out with my beautiful chinese twins.

im jealous that you all get to meet sass and give christie her 24 birthday spankings and pet raymis cute lil fuzzy muffin. im jealous that you will get to slam dance to apparitions with pitt and fil and dan and krista, im sad that i cant be with you to order molsens.

i do have one question though, whenever i order a molsen the bartender always asks “canadian?” as if i would want anything else. of course canadian.

tomorrow night after i get home from work i will put on my hockey night in canada shirt and my maple leaf toque and blast my two favorite triumph records (allied forces and never surrender”.

little known fact, when i was in high school i used to dream of being in a rock band and i would draw album covers as i waited for the bell to ring. i would draw these very detailed scenes where these creatures that were made of fingers would be rocking out. the band was called “hidden forces” as a tribute to triumph, in a way.

because i was young and i thought i was so amazingly clever the first cover of a hidden forces album was exactly the same image of the rolling stones sticky fingers.

whatever, i wish i could eat some bad poutine with you and afterwards drunk dial lowercase carmen. who has a new blog, btw.