1. Friday, May 9, 2008

    the donnas are having their 15 year anniversary tonight 

    at the viper room.
    they call this their quinceañera.
    scott sterling from metromix interviewed them for this weeks cover story.
    if i had to marry anyone right now it would be the donnas.
    last summer i saw the donnas at the viper room and it was pretty good. not fantastic.
    not as fantastic as i was hoping it would be. not as fantastic as when karisa and i saw them at the roxy a few years ago. not as fantastic as it shoulda been.
    not as fantastic as the three songs they did at LAX were.
    so im a little gunshy about going tonight.
    plus i dont have anyone fantastic to go with.
    lets take that back i have some choices but i dont wanna go with em
    cuz what if its not fantastic, then i hafta force my smile
    and i cant leave early.
    tried to explain to this canadian about how sometimes i feel trapped.
    not emotionally trapped, physically trapped.
    when things are good or when things are bad i just wanna bail out.
    felt that way even last night at iron man.
    wanted to leave halfway through because i felt like i knew what was gonna happen.
    and was instantly bored.
    maybe one reason i love sxsw so much is cuz you can see a band for 15 minutes and leave and see another band for 15 and bail and so on and so on.
    i have the attention span of a
    i want a banana.