dont really go to movies much

but everyones been going nuts over Iron Man and the cougar wanted to go and i felt good after work and there i was at the arclight with a hot lady and some extra cash in the etrade account thanks to ENER which went outta control today (thank you solar panels), so why not.

no it didnt live up to the hype that everyone else was saying. i have no idea why people are going 2-3 times, but i did like it, a lot. but maybe because iron man is named Tony and they kept saying Tony like a gazillion times. gwenyth paltrow, jeff bridges (who looks a lot like the trib co owner sam zell), the pimp from hustle & flow, everyone was yelling out Tony. it was like a Make Yr Own Adventure.

plus iron man lives in malibu and listens to ACDC, and well, lets just say it spoke to me.

afterwards we snuck into this club behind amoeba and danced a few songs and had a drink. which led to two. which led to an argument because i have a terrible problem – if i see that a woman doesnt like something, i will put my finger into that sore and i will push down on it.

some women dont like to be alone, some totally want to be alone, some women hate it when you point out hot ladies on the dancefloor. so lets say you dont like PDA, and im feeling nervous, i will make out with you just to see your reaction. lets say you love PDA, i probably wont touch you. when i was at the xbi they said that i would do this so that there would be a bullshit reason for women to reject me instead of a real reason like i was fat or fugly or drove a shitty car. but the xbi said the real reason i was being rejected was cuz i was being an asshole.

someone got called an asshole, someone else got driven home, and now someone is writing on his blog about iron man so that he can watch Lost, which everyone on Twitter is freaking out about.

what the xbi doesnt know and didnt know and obviously still doesnt know is even assholes get to go to heaven so i dont care if i get called that, i just dont wanna be called during my favorite tv show so the ringer is currently in the upright locked and fuck you position.