guess who else got interviewed? Katy Newton from ICU

but first the latest installment!

last week i told you about our new video feature ICU that takes people who post Missed Connections on Craiglist and gives them some video love.

Today Fishbowl LA interviewed Katy, the brains behind it all. A sample:

1. What is the overall idea behind the feature? Basically, the idea is to meet the people behind the posts of Craigslist’s “missed connections,” open up that dialogue to our readers and learn a bit about the different ways Angelenos are trying to connect with each other.

2. Where did the idea come from? Several months ago, I went out to dinner with some girlfriends of mine. One of my friends was laughing about her obsession with a fellow Trader Joe’s shopper. She jokingly described how she was sure by the way he picked out his veggies he would be a perfect mate. Another woman at the table suggested to my friend that she post her story on Craigslist “missed connections.”

I hadn’t checked it out before, so I went online that night and fell in love with it. I immediately wanted to meet the people behind the posts. “Light bulb!”

Read the whole enchilada here