how is it 433am

how is biggie smalls still on.

how is the fire still blazin.

how are the windows still hanging. how is my hat still on.

how are these ladies just leaving.

i might be old but im not that old.

i might be lame but not tonight.

i might be over but not yet.

i might still be a long shot, and a good bet.

these girls came over and dissed prtty much everyone i knew. it was hilarious. you can do better tony. that girl is a ho. that girl is broken.

that girl probably did her father.

the whole time i was drinking baileys from the bottle to the glass to my lips to gods ears. hip hop the whole time. fire going the whole time. cigarettes wine water wheatthins with sundried tomato and basil, the whole time.

their club clothes on, their eyes hanging, their cherries glowing, their glasses emptying, their opinions blaring.

i laughed i questioned i learned i laughed.

compliments and insults compliments and short skirts.

the whole night went so fast mostly cuz it started at midnight, the right time, the bar emptied so fast the ride home went so nice.

i dont know what all the fakers in my life did tonight but i bet it wasnt one bit of what i did.

i dont know what the liars on the blogoshpere were up to but i bet it wasnt the one two.

and tonight when i finally get to say my prayers you know im gonna give thanks and thanks like i was tom hanks.