i took down the twitter feed

on the side of this blog, because people are spoiling american idol’s results for the west coast.

also regular Twitter is spoiling it, so stay away from there if you wanna watch the show in peace.

however here are some funny tweets in the last 30 minutes or so:

@ hopes no one tweets who wins American Idol before he has a chance to watch it tonight when he gets home…is it really necessary?

twitter spoils American Idol…never mind, I don’t watch American Idol

@ijustine Justine, you gave it away! American Idol has not played on the West Coast yet!

Spurs vs. Lakers>American Idol

DVR literally ran out as Ryan goes “And the winner of American Idol is David–”
crap….i think a just saw an american idol tweet spoiler. logging off until it’s over!

No traffic. No planes flying. No birds chirping. No signs of life. Must be American Idol Final. Bring back Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.

Unfortunately I am an idiot and just sat at my computer and ruined the American Idol finale for myself. Shit. That was pretty anticlimactic.

Well american idol is over what am i going to do on tuesday and wednesday at work?

No power in Mobile Tech Manor!: Oh No! The final live American Idol is on and the power just went off

wondering how many westcoast @ijustine followers love her for ruining American Idol for them. Classy

remind me not to look at Twitter before I watch Lost on Thursday. Spoilers re: American Idol are everywhere.

wondering how many @ijustine westcoast followers like how she gave away the winner for American Idol.

note to self: don’t tivo american idol and log into Twitter before watching finals. Glad I don’t follow that show!

Thanks to all those on the East Coast for spoiling the American Idol Finale…. You are AWESOME.

Good thing I couldn’t care less about American Idol… massive spoilage blowing through the Twitterverse.

Our DVR did not capture the winner of American Idol. So frustrating!!! And the Winner is………

American Idol spoiled for me on west coast next year no twitter before finals bummer..next year consider the time zones when twittering

Tweets via Twittermap.com, photo via AmericanIdol.com