the kids have questions, the old man has answers.


Kevin Dugan: Do your LA Times blogs have story generation sessions? How do these blogs comes up with story ideas? How should I brainstorm for my own humble blog without forcing it?

Most of the blogs dont have those sort of sessions, but some do depending on the assignment. When Soundboard was preparing their coverage for Coachella, for example, there were several meetings on who would cover which acts and who would cover which elements of the deal. Most blogs come up with their story ideas based on either current news, trends that they notice, or sometimes something that a reader wrote in the comments.

How should you brainstorm for story ideas on your own blog? Write about the thing that scares you the most. Write about the topics that push your buttons. Reveal things about yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. And for God sake dont worry about forcing it. FORCE!

Suzie: what was your favourite part of coachella ???

Watching you be extremely drunk backstage of Coachella posing with David Hasslehoff and not even knowing who he was.

raymi: why do you dress like a tool? hahahha

because i like to know that the girls who get naked for me are doing it for me and not my clothes, car, or enormous tony

Dan: Toronto in May? or Vancouver in June? or neither?

probably neither. which breaks my heart. i love MG and i wanna hear that music live again, and of course i love all the canadians and wanna see you all again, but im so busy its retarded.

Kate in BC: What is the most romantic small act someone did for you?

me and ashley were fighting around halloween. i broke up with her. she broke into my house and left a trail of candy from my door to my bedroom. there were candles in my bedroom and she was napping in a plaid skirt and a short shirt. she might have even had stockings on. the note at the begining of the trail said something like, “the person who left this treat is so sorry for what she did…” or something. anyways it sorta worked. or at least i forgave her for that night.

Krista: Movies you are GOING to see this summer!

Speed Racer!

Bob D: Soriano…1st? 5th? or 7th?

Am I crazy that I like to have my lead off hitter knock out a home run every once in a while?

timmay: celtics-lakers finals?

hell to the yeah, except i bet you that the Celtics win that series. im not yet sold the the Lakers can go all the way without Bynum.

Blank.Fm: Do you ever find a place or activity in your life for ambient music?

when im getting massages. when im getting a lap dance in the future. when im making out with a very young woman in her apartment so i can get over the fact that Suzie has left america and probably wont come back any time soon.

Tommy Tumult: Are you still learning how to play guitar?

i am not. im a huge quitter in regards to guitar playing. my SG copy fell on its face the other day and i didnt even pick it up off the floor for a good 2 hours. i suck.

Chris Carnaghi: What is going on with Tsar? Need a new disc.

Two members of Tsar are working on a special project that all Tsar fans will probably adore. So stay tuned!