1. Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    life comes and goes so fast 

    and before you know it, its over

    tony pierce and memebers of the xbi a year before the dawn of blogging

    there was a time when i had a lot of hair, had a tiny apartment, had a gf with enormous love for me
    there was a time when i had to be at work at 6am and i bicycled there
    there was a time when i was totally disrespected
    and there was a time before blogging even happened.
    long ago before big tvs and american idol and flying cars i was so different.
    well, i wasnt different, but peoples reactions to me were.
    every now and then i will read a blog post or get an email
    and the person on the other end will say that they wanna end their show.
    and im not exactly sure why they write me
    and not dr phil or their mom or you know someone professional
    but all i keep thinking about is that 5 years ago my life was so different
    10 years ago it was even more different
    and 10 years from now im pretty sure it will be wildly different than it is now
    im not saying it will be better, in fact 10 years from now i seriously doubt
    that college girls will give me even a fraction of the attention
    that they give me now.
    wait what.
    i totally forgot where i was going.
    oh yeah, now is not the time to ace yrself
    now is the time to go for the things you want.