1. Monday, May 5, 2008

    monday morning links of love and interest 

    – monster squad better get it together cuz fil took some pics of a band thats already stealing Wolfie’s look

    – did you know ken layne is writing for AOL? i didnt.

    – did you know that Mass Live gave me props for my Prince coverage at Coachella? thanks kristen!

    – people always ask me what they should do while in Orange County. usually i say drown yourself. now i can say, go on a Fish Taco Crawl, then drown yrself.

    – things you will only find in a Floridian legislation session roundup. apparently the term is over over there and this is where some things stand via Tampa Bay Online:

    Also Of Interest

    Bestiality: Still legal in Florida

    State Song: “Old Folks at Home,” also known as “Swanee River,” will be changed to leave out racially offensive lyrics. A second song, “Florida – Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky,” submitted by a music teacher for a statewide contest, will become the state anthem.

    Vehicle, um, decorations: Carry on with the popular pickup accoutrement: so-called Truck Nutz. The anatomically correct accessories, modeled after bull testicles, were outlawed by the Senate but had immunity in the House, so no $60 fine after all.

    – who knew No Age had such a great blog?

    – the grates are almost done recording. for some reason that makes me sad. i loved their blog while they were in the studio.

    – mentos + diet coke + super slow motion + 2001 music = nerd porn

    – myspace founder’s hollywood hills home robbed. maybe he should let some of his “friends” keep an eye on the place next time?