1. Monday, May 12, 2008

    of all the things i dont understand 

    women top the list

    which isnt to say i understand:

    remove under penalty of law pillow tags
    jews for jesus
    vegetarians who eat fish
    any romance concerning the dh
    why some tv looks worse in hd than it does on regular tv
    why we insist on the electoral college
    why people who are sexually active dont get tested regularly
    the popularity of jay leno
    21st century fm radio
    why Ulysses was once banned
    the lack of bs called on these $4 a gallon gas prices
    the multitudes of intelligent people who live by an ancient book theyve never read
    men who wear crocs
    women who wear thongs with labels still in them
    generic dog food
    how pat obrien kept his job for nearly 3 years after those phone calls
    why beck peaked so early
    the decline of top hats over the years
    why we dont get uptight that osama hasnt been found
    why presidential candidates dont say elect me and i will find that fuckr
    why tsar didnt sell millions
    why counting crows did sell millions
    why people buy minivans when none of them grew up being driven in them and life was fine
    how anyone can be bored these days
    why some people still get married very young
    why classic rock sounds 100 times better than current rock
    why some people insist on doing things they hate instead of things they love

    but mostly i dont understand women any more today than when i was 14.

    photo of krista via oceanaria