one of the biggest joys of working where i do is working with guys like andy malcolm

who just also happens to write on our most popular blog

today he got written up on PBS’s Mediashift blog:

I’ve spent 26 years at the New York Times and another 7 here [at the L.A. Times]. Outside of my family, I’ve never witnessed seeing someone reading my story in print. So I’m looking at the numbers for my blog post, and for nearly seven hours, we had seven new readers arriving on our blog every second. We’ve had days since then that have been several times that…When you tell that to a newspaper crowd, it’s like ‘Whoa!’ it gets a reaction.”

Congrats to Andy, who is also a new grampa!

If you’re not reading Top of the Ticket, trust me, you won’t be bored.

update: in February we announced that TooT made it into the Technorati Top 1000
… a mere few months later it is at #217.