thanks for your questions!

here, after the Luna Halo video are my anskers

Dan threatens: so uhh… *ahem* uhh… Vancouver next month? I swear I will ask this every week from here on in until you say yes!Also, do you have any tips for avoiding (or better, reversing) job/industry burn-out?

not going to van next month. id go if foxxy would return my calls. id go if i wasnt changing the world. id go if i wasnt going to oregon early in the month. id go if i didnt have the best job ever.

the way to avoid or reverse job/industry burn-out is quit your job immediately and only sign on with companies who you respect and who respect you right back. also surround yourself with smart people at work. only smart people. if the smart people around you all agree that your workplace blows then be the smartest one and quit.

timmay!!!!! lists: 1. anything to say about obama filling in for kennedy at the wesleyan commencement?

(damn “watershed moment” is taking place just three miles from where i grew up)

2. will the dems narrowly defeat mccain or trounce mccain in a telephone free landslide victory?

3. will the celtics win one of the next two games?

1. i feel badly for the grads because when i saw obama he wasnt all that awesoma.

2. the winner of the next election will be the one who has control over the voting machines.

3. the celtics are like the yankees. they bought that team. bought teams always lose on the road. they dont deserve to play the lakers. itd be nice if they did cuz the lakers would sweep em. but they dont deserve it. if you cant win in atlanta you will never win in staples.

bicyclemark offers: Can I get you anything from Thailand?

1. one of everything please. and some tom kha kai. extra spicy.

panajane asks: There is a bar. It’s full of badasses and bad seeds, mean motherfuckers. As you enter the bar what song would play?

Tsar “Straight”

People try to talk, try to waste my time
everybody’s chatter puts a weight on my mind
but I fake it and I make it like I don’t understand
Got a chemical smile
I’m a moustache man

And I’m straight (straight)
each and every way
People come from miles just to hear me say
that I’m straight (straight)
I’m bent like a stick
Goin out with a bang, comin’ in with the click
Cuz I’m stra-i-a-aight
And now

People think they’re straight but they’re bent like a hook
See Dick Jane every trick in the book
Gonna get your mini van
get your Vons Club on
There’s somethin’ here to steal from everyone

And I’m straight
and this is the style
every Dianetic on the Miracle Mile knows
knows I’m straight (straight)
I said Hell yeah
Goin’ through the Devil like a bat outta Hell
And the whole world has to answer right now
tell you once again, who’s straight?

There’s gonna come a day
maybe wont be long
flippin’ through the funny papers of who’s come and gone
You can try to glean a meaning in the message I leave
you’ll find I’m straight and will beyond belief


zona doles up: would you ever give it up to teach it at a college or university?

Yes but first I would like to have something worthwhile to teach em.

Mike wonder: have you heard of Luna Halo? Do you like their sound?

Havent. No. They should go back to being hair dressers.

Smelly Danielly offers: Ok so I asked you questions last Friday but then missed your Saturday answers so I don’t know what they were and I can’t go back to read it. Do you have archives or no?! How do I find them!?

I do have archives but theyre hidden. I want people to come here every day. No backsies. No wait till Fridaysies. Just nowsies. Like now, see?