thanks to the miracle of blogging we are lucky to know general patrick j. pitt

leader of the free world

often you will see us tease or kid or make fun of our good pal, but it’s completely out of love, a brotherly love, if you will.

i know if i lived in toronto i would be bffs with pitt and fil and raymi and christie and all the others up there but something tells me that mr pitt and fil and i would cause an ungodly amount of terror on the great white north.

therefore i think it was wise that the good lord separated us, much like he scattered the jews who were building the tower of babel. too much rock in too concentrated of a square footage is bad-age.

which brings us to todays squarefootage of rock.

you may recall that last year around this time rear admiral pitt fund-raised a large amount of money for my african brothers and sisters so that they could have sports equipment out in the jungles of the deepest dark. the theory, as i understand it is, just because kids are poor doesnt mean that they shouldnt be allowed to play.

thus Right to Play is one of my favorite charities because it takes money from generous donors and distributes athletic equipment to the poor so that they might have a tad more joy in their lives.

then pitt runs some crazy marathon and comes home sweaty to his beautiful bride.

i dont understand that portion of it, but i assume its a canadian thing.

either way i gave till it hurt last year and survived somehow, so i gave again this year, and i invite you all to do the same. for the kids!

to help the kids in africa, click here and then click under the thermometer that says Give a Gift. never mind that the thermometer says 100%, thats a lie, 100% of the kids in africa do not have bowling balls. YET!

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