tuesday morning quickies

but first, the newest ICU video

– Scarlett Johansson’s Tom Waits cover album comes out today, Fimoculous has an mp3 of one of my favorite songs of all time, pleasantly demolished by our girl

– the new iPhone is gonna come out next month. when it does im giving my “old” one to my mom, and i gotta say, rarely have i owned a first generation electronic device, the iPhone has been a dream.

– there is a new Netflix set-top box for $100. it hooks up to your tv and your high speed internet connection. even if you have the $9 netflix subscription you can stream unlimited tv shows and movies for no additional cost. even wired is calling it “just shy of totally amazing“. but since it doesnt offer HD and because only 10% of the netflix is available, the busblog will call it “not even close to totally amazing”. but its got potential.

– the weak economy has hit santa barbara. a 67 year-old woman now sleeps in her car with her dogs after being laid off. she once owned a condo and worked at a bank, now she has an $8/hr job and lives in her honda. thankfully santa barbara has agreed to let homeless people sleep in their cars in 12 parking lots across the city (even though sleeping in your car is against the law in California).

– meanwhile the 50 richest people in LA are worth over $113 billion. sounds good, right? well the #2 guy on the list, summer redstone, lost 17% of his net value over the last year and is only making due with $7 billion thanks to the recession. maybe he should invest in santa barbara parking lots?

– the white house is mad about the editing of an interview with the president. they say they want nbc to include all of the president’s answers. nbc says yo we have had the entire uncut interview on our web site since the drop.

– the Ting Tings new record still isnt out yet, but you can listen to it free and legally via streaming via AOL’s Spinner

– the Kooks will be walking around Westwood performing for free today, then they’ll rock the Kibitz Room as long as they dont have spit on their face.

– if you can read this, youre in range

– congrats jamie and deborah on getting hitched, and congrats the known universe readers because raymi is guest blogging there while the happy couple are on their honeymoon. talk about starting off yr new life with a bang.