our pal leah (above) has been blogging for almost eight years now, yesterday she continued her role in front of the camera with some pretty interesting looks / poses / outfits. shes not doing so poorly behind the camera neither. thats one talented couple over there in austin.

kingston’s krista is also quite skilled with her camera equipment and delivers some photos from the matt good show from massey hall, as well as some terrifying shots from the CN tower.

sultry suzie just had painful ovarian surgerie but because shes nothing if not energetic she downed her meds and showed some love for the Red Wings, post-op monday before that triple overtime game. forgive us for rooting for the Pens. we just wanted more stanley cup puck.

longtime friend of the busblog, flagrant should really just move in with me. i’ll protecter.

as it stands, no stranger is allowed to know whether or not anyone is here. it needs to be questionable. when i am here alone, there is an unshakable need to maintain the dual state of confusion. perhaps someone is? perhaps not? i cannot know what people think, but want the routine of attendance to appear to have lost its ritualistic formula. also, and i am not clear on the reason, nobody should specifically hear or see me. even when chuck is around, i have not been able to exit this room. i have been free enough to open the door twice, but not enough to step out into the hallway.

consider how obsessive and paranoid this problem of trying to live secretly can get– how it can take up to 25 minutes of tentative slyness to simply slide open a window. this should not compute. whoever wanted inside only desired material goods or information. there was no intention of harming me– yet my existence must be restrained right now.

actually since i only have a one bedroom we should probably try to get a bigger pad. one with a front desk security dude, preferably xbi, a hot tub, a panic room, underground parking, and a camera outside the front door of our place. you think im kidding, but truth is id be an excellent roommate for her. id go out and get her whatever she wanted late at night or in the day. id look around the hallways for evil. and id be around enough for her to hate me.

matt welch has begun a youtube series of white dudes covering prince. this cant end well. although starting off with one of my favorite prince tunes with one of my favorite bands who secretly arent one of my favorite bands but covering prince in pajamas is a good start.

did you know ken layne, when not running and owning wonkette, writes a column for AOL? yup. the other day he wrote about commentors. the half-literate ones of course. bonus points for the scary painting that we all saw in madrid at the turn of the century.

how bad is the real estate market and the economy here in LA? ed mcmahon is in arrears on his $5 million beverly hills crib, writes la times real estate blogger peter viles, who has the #1 blog on the times so far this month.

hey it’s Tuesday,

which means theres a new ICU on the LAT
this video, though, was a reaction to this one from the lady who wanted to hook up with the dude who she ran over with her car

one thing i dont understand is this “lets have coffee” thing. when did that start? are people too freaked out with dinner n drinks? coffee?

any semi-sexual meetup should have the possibility for what the kids call romance, shouldnt it? how on earth are you supposed to even remotely have a shot of said romance if you drank coffee for an hour? where does coffee lead to? do you even wanna kiss someone who has coffee breath?

i just dont get it.

anyways, do you think the young lady should look him up?

watch all the ICU vids here

stiff being sold on Amazon?

a gentle reader notified me this afternoon that both of my CafePress books, Stiff and How to Blog were being sold on Amazon.

i was amazed because i specifically avoided selling those books on Amazon because i figured if anyone was interested enough in buying any of my masterworks then they would probably know about me, thus they would know about the busblog.

so i sold those books on this very blog and nowhere else.

How to Blog was one of the first Blooks to sell really well and i had high hopes for Stiff, which i considered to be far superior, but when sales didnt do as well for that one i got pissy (which ive been known to do from time to time) and i stopped sales and vowed never to release that book again.

but then i saw that people are selling Stiff for a higher price than i ever considered, and theyre selling the autographed copies that i shipped off to people who i thought were fans.

so there might be a re-release of Stiff just to flood the market.

stay tuned.