today’s anti’s birthday

hes 29.

besides being a great blogger, anti is a fantastic photographer, and one of the finest video directors of all time.

his “a film” series will be pieced together and screened in the future and gain him an oscar. just wait.

when i was at LAist anti was one of the first people i wanted to work with. i was thrilled when he accepted, and im totally stoked that he is still the Subculture Editor.

anti as you might know is engaged to the lovely big tanky and i couldnt be more excited for both of them to repopulate this earth with groovy cool kids just like them.

happy birthday bro, thanks for keeping it real, and showing us all how it is supposed to be.

photo of anti with la times editor russ stanton via anti’s buzznet

even from oregon, i appreciate your questions

so here are the answers

Will Campbell demands: Fess up T, did you try to bring a broom to the stadium with you again?

I would have loved to bring the broom to the first game of the series, but the point of the broom is to bring it at the end of the series as you have just swept your opponent. if the Dodgers make it to the playoffs, i will gladly bring it to that series when the Cubs come to town.

4rilla remembers: Funny you mention brooms, because in last week’ Ask Tony the busblog predicted a 4 game sweep of The Celtics. After game one we know that will no longer be the case. So with one game in hand can I have a new prediction on the series? And is LA Times sportwriter Bill Plaschike serrious when he wrote that Paul Pierce “faked” his leg injury last night?

Clearly i am not a psychic, plus, the Lakers like to play with their food before they eat it.

kali asks: what’s your take on instant replay as pertains to baseball?

the only reason people argue against the instant replay is because they say that it would make the game too long. personally i dont know what they are rushing home to do. blog? baseball could be 4 hours long and i would be happy. infact many times when you go to a game you tailgate first and then drink after. so why rush the game? wouldnt you rahter it be accurate? so im all in favor of longer, more accurate games.

Chris Carnaghi questions: CHANGE ! seems to be a word we will be hearing a lot for the next few months. Do you really think that ANY new administration can affect change? Think about the mountain of not just one but many issues that lie ahead. The office of the President has nothing to do with the economy. IMO Our quality of life is directly proportionate to how much we are getting laid, and if we consistantly stay inspired, and of course if the bills are getting paid. So getting paid and getting laid. Not when the wars will end. Your take Reverend?

obama was one of (if not The) most liberal senators in congress. meanwhile this administration was the epitome of neo-con. therefore if barry wins then it will be pretty hard *not* to invoke a good deal of change with a democratic congress. plus if you believe the polls

Aaron wonders: is this week’s Ask Tony supposed to be questions phrased for yes or no answers? is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays start the most surprising thing in baseball so far? do you still hate the American League?

the american league is a travesty to the word baseball. it would be better off be called Baseball Lite or QuasiBall. when there are two outs in the bottom of the 8th in a 0-0 game and your pitcher is up, in BASEBALL you are forced to make a managerial decision. do you leave him in because hes throwing a shutout, or do you pinch hit for him because every run counts? thats the game we love. thats the game we played as kids. tampa bay does whatever they do in a world that slightly resembles baseball but it better suited for folks in skirts. so let them perform well minus the all star play of their centerfielder.

Sharp (aka Azreal Darkskies) queries: Before you were legal drinking age, all of those decades ago, where did you go to get your drink on? Did you ever do spoken word for audiences?

the place was called Wrigley Field. the beer was called Old Style. back then there were hardly ever any sell outs. so they gladly sold to the kids or anyone else who showed up to see the cubs lose. spoken word is for chumps, and henry rollins. so yes. but only during college.

seechittahrun asks: WHat do you think are the chances that McCain will be the next pres.?

im no conspiracy theorists, but the voting machine controversy is an interesting one that makes me think anyone has a chance. even ron paul.

zona zonders: Toss Ron Paul and Hillary out and tell us who you think the VEEP should be and who it’s gonna be. (if it’s two different answers)

romney and that governor in virgina would be the ones i would bet on if i was a betting man.

anti axes: what controlled substances have you ever tried out?

i went to college in whats known as a “party town”. so i tried pretty much everything. including lite beers.

keir admits: Well, I still hate the American League. good archivist? My question is: do you still have your Daily Nexus writings and tearsheets all stashed away like a

even though the college i went to was in a party town, the paper was extremely well organized. they gave all the editors bound editions of all the Nexus papers for that year. they even put our name on the cover of the bound product. i think Jeff Whalen of Tsar has one year of my bound edition. but i prefer not to look back. only look forward.

Jennie, just like many, ask: When are you going back to Canada? I hear it misses you.

as much as i would like to go back to Canada, i really dont see it in my calendar until like new years. i miss it too.

Dan wonders: What do you think of Noam Chomsky?

i think he has a funny name.

Krista kuestions: hi tony, PC or mac? xo

i used a mac at buzznet. got 13 million hits off that little powerbook in just 8 months. but when i was let go i gladly handed that thing back. im not sold on the cult of mac. i love my iphone, i believe in OSX, and some of my best friends use macs, but im a pc dude. im writing you right now on an IBM thinkpad which was brought to me by a cub fan who sent it to me a week after i was fired. its done me very well. thank you Urban Hayseed.