me and my buddy chris went to the very first Laker home game

at Staples ever

and in an hour we will be there again for their last home game of this season

the fact that it happens to be game five of the nba finals is just a happy accident

although a lot of my excitement for the home team trickled away when Shaq was let go

who am i to refuse finals tickets with my longtime isla vista bro?

plus plaschke, despite what welch says, wrote a good piece about how real fans arent making it into Staples for the finals

“Late in Thursday’s game, my wife whispered to me that the woman sitting next to her had no idea what was going on,” said Michael Balzary, a season-ticket holder better known as the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Flea.”

well, at least two fans who do know what is going on will be at the game tonight, and neither of us are rich businessmen who bought these seats from any of the ticket agencies to impress clients.

i might even buy a laker hat on the way in because something tells me this will be the beginning of the greatest nba finals evah

i read a bit on the Google Reader

through my iPhone, cuz im fancy

not only is it faster, easier, and more efficient way to read all of your delightful blogs,

but i can do neat things like Share your posts with whoever is also on Google Reader

but now with this new Google Reader Share page, you can just see what posts i liked through this thing.

sadly i cant put it on my side rail very easily.