quickie laker photo essay

ashanti sang the national anthem, probably as well as one could possibly do it

the dunk that ended it all:

tshirts of the day:

these fellas didnt have a lot to cheer about today, and the fans around them were relentless

finals backpacks?

hi busblog fans:

hi loser:

what happens when the lakers win:

free tacos!
special thanks to my buddy chris who flowed me the ticket. i owe you!

yes the finals were fun

and yes im a good luck charm

more good news: looks like the Sirius / XM merger will happen

looks like the Associated Press wants to be seen as completely clueless to bloggers

looks like the pants has a trampoline.

looks like erin is still reading good books

looks like the busblog is being linked on a blog hosted at the blogbus, and i think this is what busblog looks like in chinese characters: 又是一个碰巧

and yes we did meet some pretty cute busblog fans (photos later)

yes i love life.