since nothing in heres true, lets rock

her name was rosa linda
she lived in a shoe
said i love you baby
she said i love me too

started hating dreams in high school cuz they were intense and terrifying
dreams where the cubs always lost or i was alone or i couldnt scream
then they got worse. then thunder crashed and people whispered things
there were shadows but they werent.
there were light blasts
there were moans.
there were dreams where an undercover federal agency of spies
tapped into the thoughts at night of a private boys school
made it so we couldnt feel any pain on the football field
made it so we couldnt forget anything we read anything we heard
made it so we could esp each other and esp right back.
made it so our dreams disappeared.
which we loved them for, and would do anything for them
especially if it meant fighting evil.
cuz fuckit compared to those dreams
fighting was like licking ice cream.

hated dreams even more in college cuz it made us doubt if the xbi was still in us
cuz when they were, there were no dreams.
and we were invincible. undefeatable.
fearless, and super respectful.
sorta like rosa linda, who lived in a shoe
said i want you baby. said, i want you too.

would dance for you in the back room of deja vu
tight spaces back there, dark places back there
and two for one dances on wednesdays for you.
she said whats in here,

nothing in there
but you.