happy birthday matt good!

one of the saddest bits of tragedy this year was not being able to go to any matt good shows.

when he was in LA i was in Austin. when he was on his way to Austin and i was ready to see him, he got real sick and had to cancel. as he toured through canada with a full band i was unfortunately saving the world here in hollywood.

if we’re lucky maybe he will swing through the states again sometime soon so we can all hear hospital music with the full rock orchestration.

matt is a complicated and truly gifted artist. very few high profile types keep it as real as he does on the daily via avenues like his blog. he’s revealed intimate details about his health, his political views, and his personal frustrations. just recently he wrote about how shaking hands with adoring fans is sweet but might be dangerous to his well-being.

he seems to prefer his tour bus to hotel suites his dogs to his guitars and thinking about world events as opposed to his day of birth. not really the things youd expect from a veteran rock star, and thats one reason im sure we all love him.

among other things on the vid you will see the likes of celebrities like patrick j pitt speaking a foreign language, miss 604 and her hubby, raymi and fil cooking up some pot spagetti, duane in his plush digs in the pacific northwest, and dale avec toothbrush electrique.

for my part i was going to go to the ocean and say a few things while panning the camera around, but what do you say that hasnt been said already. plus neither of us wear dresses. often. why not, instead, speak to a musician with music. its not intune, but theres a tune in there somewhere. its not a gibson sg, but it looks like one. its not really the best thing you’ll hear all day, but as the little drummer boy said, pah rum pum pum pum.

hats off to mr duane storey for producing the vid.

he may have claimed to have retired

but don “the magic” juan is still a pimp

how do i know this? because when no one was being allowed in at the whisky, not even firemen, cute ones as karisa noted, repeatedly, snoop dogg’s #1 advisor, don “the magic” juan, and his homeboy, and their two female companions, checked in at the ticket booth and then had a few words with the folks manning the door, and were allowed entrance.

me with my press pass, my badge, my iron maiden long sleeve, and my awe were left outside on the curb. apparently, and probably to the joy of my dear mother, i dont have any pimp juice.

which is probably one reason i woke up this morning at the cougars house as ive been finding myself rising one weekend after the other.

she says it bothers her when i sneak out in the mornings so i flip on her tv, put on the wireless headphones and watch a movie. her bedroom tv is the same size as mine – way too big. so its enjoyable. but theres something about her house that makes me watch the oddest films that id never watch at my bachelor pad.

this morning for example i found myself totally captivated by kerri russell in Waitress. a film that was excellent until it didnt really know how to end. if you ask me it had the perfect ending but then went on about 5 minutes too long. which is fine. it made me wanna go to the house of pies today and gorge. but after i saw myself on the matthew good birthday video i dont think my double chins need any more help.

i knew it was an unflattering camera angle, but whatevs, i was trying to dole out the opposite of a “happy” birthday. i wanted something dark and creepy cuz duane said that a lot of people were going to contribute and i figured that theirs would be all chirpy and sweet and i wanted to add a little something different. duane did a great job of piecing all the bits together.

so here i am back in my messy lair. ive escaped the coug. my day is all wide open for me. i could clean up this sty, do laundry, read the entire paper. or i could go see a real movie at a real movie theatre and do my best not to think about the millions of things i wanna do at work this week. its the day of rest, the bible says. and if you dont take it you have sinned.

im such a sinner you have no idea. but not enough, i guess, to get past the velvet rope of rock.