1. Friday, June 13, 2008

    another week has come and gone 

    so heres my friday song…

    Bob D asks: TP3- Are you coming to Chicago this summer?

    i should. i really should. but something tells me i wont.
    i wanted to go for Lalapalooza but i have this college reunion thing that weekend.
    so im guessing no.
    when the cubs make it to the playoffs i might have to take off some time at work.

    Suzie: If you could pick any job for me…what would it be?? AND how are you??

    topless park ranger.
    bleh. i hate friday the thirteenths

    Kay: hey tony, are there any cool things going on in LA this weekend that i should check out?

    Ting Tings at the Troubadour tonight. i will be at the bar singing along. also theyre playing saturday at a secret place. also theres a pool party at Little Radio.

    Mike: If you could pick any job for me what would it be? And can you get me hired?

    bottomless cab driver. probably.

    zona: does a guy still get change back for a fifty from the hookers in Hollywood?

    if you arent changed every time you spend money in hollywood you are buying the wrong things.

    maurice: why so glum, chum?

    i have no idea. i shouldnt be. i have a great concert im going to in a few hours. i just helped launch a new blog, comments blog, whose subhead i totally stole from Jamie of the known universe (but he said it was cool), i get to hang with karisa tomorrow, im healthy, my house is clean, and i have a cougar blowing up my iphone.

    but for some reason i just wanna crawl into bed and watch that adam sandler movie with that fat dude.

    thank god the cubs are in TO where the livings easy.