bloggy rundown of love for a monday

the pants’ bf might or might not be cheating on her (my guess is he aint):

ugh man i went into urgent care today cos i felt crappy all week and got a sore throat too but i am so used to feeling run down that i was like whatever another damn cold or something but then i looked at my throat and it was covered in white shit and i yelled OH GROSSSSSSS and regretted it instantly because it made my throat hurt to yell. seriously that might be the grossest thing i have ever seen, my throat covered in patches of nasty ass white spots.

zulieka’s punchline goes something like this:

I’m a complete novice. I’m just licking at glaciers. I lick them to please myself.

raymi on sex and the city:

oh and i’ll have you know that since blog-dissing sex and the city i have gotten in a huge fight with a friend (resolved now) and THREE facebook SATC gifts, two shoes and 1 martini glass. FUCK OFF YOU GUYS!

heh kidding.

basically my take on that show/movie is, you can be a sexy empowered woman and not look to those characters as role models or representatives for how you feel about men and sex and love, i could not ever get into the show, and i think it’s cos i out-yuppied myself when i was a teenager, too many issues of cosmo and tiny skirts and old men skeletons in my closet to care anymore. plus, i’m kind of a slob.

and evidently all of toronto is wearing yellow dresses now, so thanks for that one too.

sass on being told of an impending awkward situation:

She’s like “Sorry Sass, I have bad news. I just talked to JT and he’s coming with The Fifth.”
OH NO YOU DIDN’T just dawn this on me now!
She makes the ‘I’m sorryyyyyyyy’ squinty face, with a shoulder shrug and nothing-I-can-do hands in the air.
Y’know the one that’s supposed to signify ‘Oopsie daisy. No biggie right? You can’t be mad at me if I make my own face ugly for all of 5 seconds’.

erin just wants to wear short dresses and soccer shoes:

i think that is what i’m going to wear all summer. that is what i’m wearing right now and i am eating a bowl of apple jacks. i don’t even like apple jacks and i am not hungry, but eating apple jacks goes with my outfit and i am a slave to asthetics. if only i was eating these apple jacks in a tennis court i could die happy right now. obviously i got a pair of shoes this weekend that are seriously going to change my life. i think they are going to motivate me to take up speed chess. speed chess in the park in short dresses and soccer shoes!

and those are just a few who posted this weekend who i love.

foto by fil