crazy day at work

infact its 9:30p and im still here

– matt welch goes to a Nationals game with his dad, and Scott Ross! photo essay!

– violet blue gets every mention of herself scrubbed from Boing Boing. gives an exclusive interview with Web Scout and the Metafilter thread gets over 450 comments riddled with speculation

– there are three blogs that im extremely proud of on our roster. the newly launched Olympics blog has totally kicked ass with quick writing from each of the locations at the trials. the president Bush blog, Countdown to Crawford made it into the top ten of our blogs despite only being around a fraction of the month. and the technology blog is one of our hottest new blogs, and its not even a month old either.

– Zulieka has been writing alot lately, which is always a sensual experience, even if the subject matter is far from it.

– flagrant took most of June off, which makes me sad. i hope shes ok.

– JaG told me something fascinating today, but sadly she probably wont tell you in her blog any time soon WHICH DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF BLOGS, DEAR. jk, love ya baby.

– if you arent reading Rex, youre missing out on the total web, pretty much.

– cubs seem to be on a new winning streak. thank the lord ABOVE!

image via the daisy princess