dont drink a bunch of water when youre speaking on a panel

last night i sped across hollywood down sunset to make it to beverly hills during rushhour. that was fun.

making it to the green room and hanging out with max and jason, and getting to meet robert greenwald (who made the vid above) and this cool lawyer from this fancy firm who told me that these fancy people from the nytimes and the wall street journal were fans of mine and the busblog was fun too.

knowing that karisa was sitting in the audience to root me on was fun. representing the LA Times wasnt fun cuz i didnt wanna f up, but far as i know i didnt f up, so that was fun. but half way through realizing that i had just drunk half a bottle of water and now i had to pee wasnt fun.

but it wasnt boring. thats fer sure.

what was interesting was how many times people mentioned LAist. when i worked there and i recruited people to work there i always said, the things you do here will help you sooooo much, i know we dont pay you, but i swear people will read it and more people will read each day, and you will be able to establish yrself in ways that you want. and there it was, and it was true.

and it is true. even though i write a little for the times and i edit a lot, lots of that stuff is so behind the scenes that nooone would ever be able to see it. but the things you write in your own blog or on group blogs like LAist will get seen, and people will make judgements, and if youre a halfway decent blogger they will make positive judgements. it made me very happy. a little proud.

and even in the bathroom this dude from another stall excused himself for asking questions in such an odd room, but asked anyways and we had a very nice conversation about blogging. for a good five minutes.

cuz thats how much water i had apparently dranken.