duanes plane was four hours late getting from san francisco to los angeles

dont ask me why.

meanwhile karisa was all, hi that asian hottie wasnt me. are you still drunk?

to be honest i sorta felt sick all day today. i felt like i had the flu or was coming down with the flu.

so i went to lunch with ali (left) and we sat outside and it was close to 100 degrees.

and i think it killed whatever bug was in me.

even if the bug was the hangover bug.

cuz now i feel way better and im in shorts and duane is in LA and theres a pic of karisa on the busblog and alls good in the hood.

im not sure i can tip back too many cold ones tonight with our canadian visitor but this Gaucho has to represent.

so expect a few quick shots, maybe some beers, and as the kids say up there, a visit to the rippers.

how did you guys create that nickname anyways?

meanwhile i have some good news about our Bush blog, Countdown to Crawford – for the second day in a row it was in our Top 5 of blogs, which is pretty amazing since no huge blog linked to it and since it’s only two freakin days old.

in fact while at lunch our top blogger, andy malcolm called me up and said congratulations on the new blog!

andy is a gem. dude looks like santa, works as hard as anyone ive ever met anywhere, and can adjust with change better than anyone ive ever met.

he now thinks that the bush blog is his biggest competitor, but thats not true since he secretly has no competition.

not long ago he interviewed Busblog friend, Matt Welch, in our new LA Times studios, and you can see part one of those videos here.

Expect more from the interviews this weekend at Top of the Ticket.

Matt’s a damn star hisself.

update: part two of the meetings of the minds has just been posted!