1. Monday, June 2, 2008

    fourth encore 

    she twists my nipples in the dark.
    i teller i dont like that. i say be gentle.
    she forgets the next day.
    this morning we woke up tangled nice.
    one thing led to several others.
    everything was going well, which is something, thankfully,
    ive never had to worry about.
    especially in the morning.
    only thing i ever worry about is the neighbors.
    i dont think about them ever except then.
    they dont think about me, im sure, their dog shit still litters the lawn.
    all a man wants to do is walk to his newspaper in the morning
    and not have to worry about a treasure mound.
    would it be so impossible to walk in the grass barefoot in america
    on a sunday?
    would it be so impossible to have the girl youre into
    actually remember who shes with?
    some of us are sensitive poets
    some of us you only have to whisper to,
    or look at a certain way
    or smile correctly.
    or when youre on the subway,
    on your way to the cure show
    at the hollywood bowl
    in a car so packed that she has to sit and you hafta stand
    she makes eye contact
    parts her legs
    a crack

    subtley’s my sweet mistress.

    twist the nips of yr schoolboys.
    taste the lips of your man.