her name is sweetness

she lives in a shoe.
said its two for one, said for yr friend too.
duane was downing diet cokes. maybe he had something to pour in them.
maybe someone stopped by a liquor store on sherman way.
maybe we had some tall boys in the parking lot.
maybe somehow my cold magically went away.
maybe it wasnt a cold anymore, maybe it was stress. maybe ive been stressed and didnt know it.
maybe back in the day i was barfing every day and didnt think it was stress
but it twas.
maybe men should realize that theyre not supermen every damn day
even if they secretly work for the xbgay. maybe if they were as in tune with their bodies
and souls they would know why the caged burd sings.
maybe it sings for thee.
maybe sweetness is for me. maybe.
which rhymes with dinosaur jr is on do you knwo them
shes all isnt this van halen
shes all isnt this silver lake
shes all isnt that a finals ticket
shes all isnt this wait are you wait tony pierce?
why have i heard that name.
i was all tell that to duane but duane has his own problems
seems his hands are full seems his dance card is being f’ed with
seems like anythings possible as kevin garnett says
seems like the world is your oyster xcept sometimes its chocolate covered
xcept sometimes its malted xcept sometimes you hafta step outta your
lepard skintight pillbox hat.
xcept sometimes you hafta ask for the sail
as in, come sail away with us. both of yous. whatelse you gonna do.
both of you combined dont equal the ages of me.
how is that even
wait what did you say.
i said blah blah she was all wait what. i was all i bet you blah blah
she was all BET i was all ok if you win you get everything thats in my trunk and wallet
if i win you hafta come back to not silver lake and party with us
its called the age game. and if both of you combined dont equal me
then duane becomes the luckiest tourist in hollywood.
which rhymes with sometimes lifes good.