1. Friday, June 6, 2008

    hey its friday people, time for Ask Tony 

    but before you ask, here are some answers:

    yes i love you
    yes i went to the cubs game last night and it was awesome
    yes i almost got into a fight with a gangmember there who tried to make me sit down
    yes it was in the bottom of the ninth with the cubs up and thats when you stand IN AMERICA
    yes i was drunk, yes i woulda beat his ass and kissed his pregnant wife
    yes she had writing on her belly saying go dodgers or some shit
    yes their little son had black makeup on his face to resemble a beard and moustache for some reason
    yes our publisher david hiller sang the national anthem to kick off the game
    yes it was pretty damn good
    yes i took video and yes it will be up on one of the LA Times blogs very soon, today
    yes it will either be on the Dodger blog or the local blog LA Now because
    no we dont have a singing blog
    yes im on my way to the airport to see chris in oregon
    yes i have a housesitter so no more requests please
    yes i think the cubs are gonna go all the way
    yes i noticed that there were no Laker updates at Dodger stadium during or after the game
    yes i think thats pretty lame.
    k… go!