i was chatting with a young woman

on the facebook chat interface

and i told her that i wanted to go to her part of the united states and taker on a date, and end up at a bar where we could watch the cubs, and that i would put my hand on her knee and hope that one thing led to another.

and she said, you wouldnt wanna do that tony. she said, one hour in your life in hollywood is probably more interesting than a week here in bf idaho.

she said i see yr pictures.

i said dont be fooled. sure you might see me eating at tara reids west hollywood modern diner Ketchup co-owned by Ashton and Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, etc

or at a party at the Standard to celebrate lou adler who owned the roxy and financed all the cheech and chong movies, but is probably best known as the dude who sits next to jack nicholson at the laker games

and yes the party might have naked girls sitting in see through boxes, and theyre knitting, and there might be free booze and people walking around with champaigne and there might be a dude or two creating sushi rolls

but inside im very lonely and sad. and if it wasnt for my very good friends whom i love so much and who provide me with great conversations and companionship, id be writing the most depressing poetry youve ever read.

and the girl called bullshit.

so i set my facebook status to “is considering a road trip to Idaho”

but that didnt seem to convince her either.