karisas boyfriend is outta town

so shes lonely. and bored.

so last night i drove over to the wesssside and we ate at her favorite sushi joint. a little place called kanpai, on lincoln sorta near the airport.

because LA is amazing, you never know if the killer place is gonna be on a fancy street or in a strip mall or next to a quiznos. odds are it can be in any of those locales so dont get faked out if you ever come here.

not only does the joint have tvs everywhere (if you ever get bored of looking at karisa) but we usually end up with this waiter, peter, who is so knowledgeable its ridiculous. thats good for people like me who dont know squat about raw fish, and also for people like karisa who knows everything about anything.

dont ask me what we ate cuz i couldnt tell you. all i know is it was all delicious and we each drank a big bottle of saki and a big bottle of beer and dreamed little dreams of karisa teaching the world how to look as good as she does via youtube in the near future, so stay tuned.

one way she does it is by training for an upcoming triathlon. bitch seriously looks better than ive ever seen her and i was down with her back when she was working the hawaiian tropic circuit (pictured, left) when she actually looked hawaiian.

tonight mr duane storey comes to america. looks like we might go see rosa linda and her friends. on the way we might hafta stop by a bar because deja vu doesnt have booze and thats not very american.

there are many freedoms that we lack here, canadians, which im not very proud of, but i have a feeling that if either barry obama or the straight talk express wins they’ll give us our freedoms back.

because the first guy, being half black understands The Struggle and the other dude after being a POW understands how important freedoms are. so stay tuned on that shit too.