the peeps have spoken. some in haikus!

so here are their answers

Phaedra: do you eat your chunky soup with a


chunky beef is one of my all time childhood faves. i remember when they first introduced that thing. the fact that you didnt need to add water and you could just pop it in a bowl and click 2 minutes in the microwave was awesome. unfortunately we didnt have a microwave yet. so it took 3 minutes on the stove.

Grace: Tomorrow is National Aboriginal Day in Canada.

Why is the Indigenous population in the United States ignored? How do you propose to change it? Why is there such ignorance on Indigenous populations and stereotypes of the First Peoples such as “they all have casinos” or “they’re drunks”. Why is it never talked about?

They are ignored here because as N.W.A so eloquently said rapped “life aint nothin but bitches and money”. until a native american gets rich, gets on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue, or has an affair with the president, i dont think anyone will care. yes we are that shallow. i know this because the only time i can be sure to see native americans on television is when its election time and they want to try to save their casinos.

Dave C.:

with josh, cat, and stu all gone
will you lose your way?

flickr was one of the few startups that were able to keep their look, style, quirkiness, and dot-com sensibilities and thrive After they were gobbled up by a major company (in their case Yahoo!). i dont see that going away. is doomed becuase it wasnt all that to begin with, despite the small percentage of internet users who are in love with it.

jetson stamina:

Ever Farted So
Loud you woke youself up and
Had to change the sheets?

Isn’t Haiku a WWF wrester from the 80’s?

im more of a silent but deadly farter. plus i eat more greens nowadays so my stomach does very little farting at all.

Sharp (aka Azreal Darkskies):

the sun is lost
in black secret sky;
is the weather
ever bad there?


Gage: what’s been your best Halloween costume? what’s the last song you “did it” to? Oceans or mountains?

i dressed up as a woman in 7th grade. it was the best because i wore nylons and heels and i learned how ridiculous womens styles are. so now i pity you all.

kayne west, the good life.

oceans are filled with scary beasts that are hidden. so mountains.


Where to find a woman
when a guy feels not his age
I can’t be “that” guy

youre probably already that guy in one way or another. fuck what people think. follow your heart and quit trying to not fall into certain categories. id rather be “that” guy with his dreams fulfilled than the perfect dude on paper who is alone and depressed. as for age, youre as young as your girlfriend feels.


why do you do this
every friday don’t you have
blog material?

i have more material than you can shake a judgmental finger at, mrs minx. i do this on fridays for several reasons. first because its nice to mix shit up. second because the readers are people too and its nice to hear what they are wondering about. third because i am always trying to find new ways to link to my regular readers, and this is a brilliant excuse.


in matt good’s metal airplanes
is the cubs v. socks
lyric for tony?

about a year ago matt and i were in vegas and he sang that song to me on acoustic guitar and i hadnt heard it before. sometimes he would send me demos but in this case i heard it live, just me and him. when i heard him sing that part about the cubs and the sox i smiled cuz i knew he was thinking of me. later he confirmed it. but i disagree with it. i think the cubs would be fine without their crosstown rivals. our real rivals are the cardinals. the sox are in the junior circuit and its hard to really call that baseball.


Why is it so hot ?
Global Warming ? Al Gore was right.
Beers after work at the Standard? It’s on me.

its hot cuz its summer. which doesnt mean that Gore isnt right. he is right, but not cuz of the hottness. cant do the Standard. im more of an Edison dude.


to break up with him
or not to break up with him
that is the question

if you have to ask, the time has probably come, ms nun.

Bob D:

Carlos Zambrano
Has a bad shoulder my friend
What you think ’bout dat?

i hate dat. and i will miss his bat.

lindsay: when are you gonna happy hour again with me and that hott bitch sarah? or 4100 if not happy hour?

every time i drink with you and your hott bitch, you two get sloppy and fight over me and hands are everywhere and i feel like a piece of meat. when we can do this in an orderly, friendly way, then i will drink with you. perhaps there should be a possession arrow like in college hoops.

tonio k.: What’s your favorite shot to drink with hotties at a bar?

i like to savor my drinks, foods, conversations, relationships, everythings. but sometimes shots are in order. in which case i will pound anything since im a gaucho, but if im the one to call the shot i like light rum, any vodka, makers mark, or a good old jd if it looks like i can take out a few fakers quickly.

Mike: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck… nevermind. Are the Yankees turning themselves around for good this time? Bonus question: Aren’t you pissed you didn’t trade me Pujols now?

the whoees? fuck them, fuck joba, fuck mariano, fuck giambi, fuck moose, fuck jeter and a-rod sitting in a tree. im pretty sure if you made a trade for pujols and i didnt pull the trigger you were probably offering me jose offerman or some shit. cuz fuck pujols too.

paul pierce: any thoughts on Lucha VaVOOM?

never seen it. but i did love the jack black ripoff movie of almost the same name.