1. Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    stiff being sold on Amazon? 

    a gentle reader notified me this afternoon that both of my CafePress books, Stiff and How to Blog were being sold on Amazon.

    i was amazed because i specifically avoided selling those books on Amazon because i figured if anyone was interested enough in buying any of my masterworks then they would probably know about me, thus they would know about the busblog.

    so i sold those books on this very blog and nowhere else.

    How to Blog was one of the first Blooks to sell really well and i had high hopes for Stiff, which i considered to be far superior, but when sales didnt do as well for that one i got pissy (which ive been known to do from time to time) and i stopped sales and vowed never to release that book again.

    but then i saw that people are selling Stiff for a higher price than i ever considered, and theyre selling the autographed copies that i shipped off to people who i thought were fans.

    so there might be a re-release of Stiff just to flood the market.

    stay tuned.