apparently all it takes to get the ear of the vice president

or condi is a “few” hundred grand. “not a lot”.

whats interesting about working at the LA Times is we have people in interesting places. for example one of our bloggers writing Countdown to Crawford is in Washington D.C. and goes to the white house all the time and travels with the president. so when he wants to follow up on something like this video that broke this weekend, he simply asks the press secretary. Here’s some of what he wrote today in regards to Stephen Payne, a GOP fundraiser who seems to be getting the Bush library a ton of cash in return for access to a member or two of the cabinet:

At the White House today, Press Secretary Dana Perino said there was “categorically no link” between official White House business and library fund-raising.

“We would not advocate … such behavior,” she said, and stated that Payne has never worked for the White House.

and yet he’s clearly working for the library, or is that clear? nothing is clear these days, like, how is it possible that this got caught on video and theres not a huge hub-bub about it.

maybe tomorrow, i guess.