dear lord thank you for not making me lame

if i was running for president or pope or if there was an election to see who wold write the busblog and i had to write a prayer and shove it into the wailing wall and i knew that someone would snatch it out and publish it around the world id write dear lord thank you for not making me a predictable lame piece of crud.

id say theres stallions and theres flies that buzz around the asses of stallions looking for shit to feed from. thank you for not making me the fly.

id say i understand why there are flies. actually i dont, but i appreciate that youd think that there was a reason for flies and flyswatters are pretty rad so i get it that maybe flies have a purpose and how else are people supposed to know that theres a huge heap over yonder and what better than a ton of flies but thank you for not making me attracted to dung thank you for making me attracted to wonderfulness and possiblilties and life, etc/

thats what id say to the wailing wall. id also say please let the cubs win the world serires. id also say thank you for letting the cougar pick me up at the party where maybe i had two too many. id say thank youfor letting the cougar have a laptop in her wilshire condo. id say thank youf or letting the cougar draw a bath for me even though i dont need no bath even tho i dont want no bath even tho oh thats what the baths for, ok cool. ok i gotta run

id say lord please help the poor and the starving and the insane who sit outside my parking structure every day and talk to themselves, not ;like blogging is any different than spealking to oneself but please bless them in some way i dont know how, let them figure it out, let them find some cash under a beer can, let them write a song thats like Wild Horses or something, but thank you for letting me be me and not insane in the membrane cuz i know how close i am to that and for some reason you let me be here in westwood and not down on wilshire

or worse.

but Lord please bless the cubs. maybe i would trade all of this over for that. maybe i would. is that what you want? is that what you need? maybe i would.

but mostly thank you lord for not making me choose, and thank you for not letting them lose.

photo by andy sternberg, via flickr