follow who?

under different circumstances i would have easily been a christian minister. like a real one. like fer real.

i definately have the faith. and im a salesman. and i dont mind being in front of a crowd giving a speech. but i dont love it. some people love it. some people always hafta been on stage.

i also couldnt not have sex. mostly because its not in the bible that preachers cant have sex. the sons of levi were the only ones to make it to the promised land. they were the preachers. they had sex.

im also not a very good bullshitter. imagine all the crap you gotta hear about this persons family and that persons problems if youre in charge of a church. yeah no thanks.

however every time i was at a church that had an organ or a good guitarist i was instantly seduced. im sure it was the acoustics.

imagine totally changing your life because it literally sounded good.

speaking of changing jobs, this post goes out to my former assistant sports editor, melissa lalum, who was so great that i stepped down as sports editor and gave it to her. for the last dozen years she has been at the los angeles daily news.

this week she stepped down as managing editor at the daily news and will run the college paper at cal state northridge, the daily sundial.

congratulations melissa. and thank you for not interviewing at the times because if you had gotten hired there i would have been tempted to step down again because you were always better than me at everything. meanwhile watch the sundial improve by a gazillion.