heard a bike vs car accident

on sunset last night as i was drinking wine outside the Secret Headquarters and immediately someone yelled F YOU< F YOU! SOMEONE CALL 9-1-1. and as we walked over to the scene of the crime, one guy tried to take out his phone and it went flying. and i tried to take out my phone but before i could there was a faint sound of a siren in the distance. and i looked west toward hollywood and i still considered calling 9-1-1 but there it was, an ambulance. almost like it knew. almost like it was destiny. help was on its way nearly before it even knew to come. and all these cyclists who had been riding with the dude waved their arms at the ambulance and clearly it wasnt coming for them but it had to pull over because the car who hit the bike and carried the rider across the entire intersection was still parked a little into the intersection and now 40 bikes were encircling it all, so the paramedics stopped, flipped over the lifeless body ripped off the legs of his pants and his shirt, and started doing their thing i started doing my thing and this dude was all, what are you doing? i said taking pictures duh. he said why. i said cuz im a blogger. he said what the f does that mean. i said it means i write about los angeles, and this stuff happens a lot in LA. he said thats f;ed up. i said yep which is why its good to document it. he said no, that youre doing it. i said well thats where youre wrong, feel free to move along. he said, well if youre going to write something write about how there should be bike lanes, i pointed at the bike lanes on sunset. he said write about how there should be bike safety. and i said how about i write about what i saw and just leave it at that. and just then a guy on a bike approached me and i said did the car run the light? and the guy said, i feel bad cuz i was behind the guy about 30 yards and i hate to say it but the bike may have run the light, not the car. and if you look at where the car was, sunset sorta curves so the car wouldnt had seen the bike until it was literally on top of it. all the car probably saw was the green light, it accellorated, and bam whats this bike doing on my windshield. the driver tried to say something to the pack of bicyclists but all they said was F YOU SHUT UP F YOU. and they wanted to beat him up but they probably knew too, that one of their bros, on a bike ride after watching a bike race downtown, had run a red light and hit a car and was now ironically so lucky because an ambulance just happened to be heading down the street and picked him up. but the weirdest thing was two fold. the cops came a good 20 minutes after the crash and the firetruck for some reason arrived after the ambulance had already left. after we finished our wine, piled into sarahs car, drove to midnight tacos, and argued about juries and what they should know and what they shouldnt.