i love her so, but i dont know why

maybe i know why. maybe i dont wanna know why. shes super sweet but who cares about that. shes really smart. and funny. and shes a good sport, but what does that matter.

shes hiding out. shes laying low. shes fresh into town and i am f’ing up her program but thats all in the plan. i act a fool around her. i dont know why. i do actually. i do it cuz id rather be the reason she disses me than her just dissing me her self.

ive had more than my fair share of hotties. maybe just my fair share. but i cant moan. she was not what youd think id be gaga over. shes not what i thought id be gaga over. but there she was in isla vista and i totally didnt even notice her. it took frisco to show me her. and i diss frisco. yet frisco was all yo yo check it. and i chjecked it and i was all yeah nice whatevs. and then one day it popped. then i was still yo whatevs. then the next day it popped again and then it was over.

i am the fooliest fool around her. i am drunk. i am worthless. i tell good jokes but theyre always the same. theyre like sit on my lap and lemme tell you a story. theyre liek reach into my pocket i seem to have lost my mind. theyre like no stand right there i just took these xray vision pills and i wanna see if they WOAH! theyre like the worst jokes ever. i know but its love they just diahreah right out.

they only get worse when her parents are around. for years we were together and i was so boring. all id say is i love you like a gazillion times. id say it in my sleep. id write her notes. id sing little songs. id pay the little kids across the street to come over and singem. id train the pigeons to poop it on her car windows. i thought it was cool. me alone.

she couldnt get out of my clutches so she joined the peace corps. i think she thought i wouldnt follow her there. but duh. love. hi. one thing led to another and i couldnt follow her out there. yes i got involved in clipper girls and other various cheerleaders but they were all just placeholders. she had put something in my drink a long long time ago and theres no undoing voodoo. she had gotten her wish and lo there i was. and here i am. and there she be.

today shes in hollywood. west hollywood to be precise. blocks away from the whisky and the roxy and the rainbow. soon she will return to my house. its not the beautiful place it should be cuz my maid doesnt come till wednesday. is she even the slightest bit into me, no. if she reads this will she be even that much more turned off, yes. do i care? of course, but theres nothing i can do about it. the flick has been switched and theres nothing the busblog can do except proclaim devotion to the nth degree. which is boring i know but true soul mate love is making a comeback because everything else is just a tad more boring.

but heres the catch. if she said jump id say how high and that was a crappy movie.