i would never do this to you baby

the garage where i work is a fascinating sight. you see all sorts of cars, some that are loaned to our reviewers to write about, but most are from the wide spectrum of people who work here and some of the people who simply rent out a parking space.

of all the cars that intrigue me is the seemingly abandoned ’86 corvette that takes up a primo spot on the 4th floor.

my first day here i noticed it and every day since, because it sits there and collects dust. and soot. and dirt. and most recently… messages.

someone wrote “why” on the roof, and a comedian wrote “not”… for some reason

these people had an impromptu game of tic-tac-toe, which looks to be still in session, so i will check back on it later and update you as to who won

today i saw a citation on the windshield warning that it will be towed if it isnt moved or cleaned or something, but that was put on there a month ago, so i guess no one cares.

i do though. cuz i want it.